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Welcome to! We help dog trainers, dog walkers, shelter staff, groomers, and veterinarians put empowerment-oriented dog training advice into practice. Learn how to be a more effective dog trainer and get peer support to keep you going and problem solve through tough cases.

If you're not a professional, don't worry, most of this information will be helpful for you and your own dog, too! The Basic Manners category is a great place to start.

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Dogs and People are my passion!

My name is Grisha Stewart and I'm best known among dog trainers for developing Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT), a humane technique for dog aggression, frustration, and fear. I also love teaching all kinds of life skills, so this site covers a lot of different subjects.

Through my international dog seminars, DVDs, books, and my in-person and online training schools, I've helped hundreds of thousands of dogs and their people thrive.

When I transitioned from college math to being a professional dog trainer in 2003, I was excited to be able to communicate to dogs what I wanted, using positive reinforcement. To be honest, I really liked the sense of control it gave me, in a positive way.

As I matured as a trainer and a person, my focus shifted to ensuring that dogs still get to be dogs, that we find ways to live together that meet their needs and ours, as their caregivers. That's why I developed BAT, and why I now use reinforcement to teach cooperative care and consent. [click for my bio]

Grisha, Bean, Zuki photoI created this site with all-inclusive memberships to help dog trainers and pet lovers have affordable access to effective, humane modern dog training techniques. Courses can also be purchased one at a time.

This site is more than just education. It's an international community with some of the world's best trainers. We have a LOT of courses and keep adding more in my shiny new live case consult format. I'm teaching some and I'm thrilled that many are also taught by my favorite dog behavior experts. 

We learn and grow together, to encourage empowered, trustworthy, wholehearted living with dogs. 

Thanks for being here! Read on to learn how to join in.

Grisha Stewart has taken it to the next level

- Victoria Stilwell, star of the television show, "It's Me Or the Dog" and author of "It's Me or the Dog: How to Have the Perfect Pet," "Train Your Dog Positively," and "Fat Dog Slim" (UK/USA)

"The results speak for themselves. Dogs that were once reactive now become more confident because Stewart gives them the life skills they need to cope more successfully in a social environment. I highly recommend BAT 2.0 to anyone who is struggling with a reactive dog or who wants to gain a better understanding of their canine companion."

An invaluable resource...

John Knuth, DogSmart (US)

...for pet parents and professionals alike. The BAT 2.0 Series is an absolute essential whether you’ve just brought home a puppy, are entering the challenging teenager years when basic training often falls apart, or need help working through a form of reactivity. The videos are packed full of information that is science\evidence based….clearly demonstrated step by step; easy to implement with my own 10 year old husky as well as countless clients along the way. I’ve recently completed Grisha’s Live Course, Aggression Case Sessions with Michael Shikashio and cannot clearly express the value of “joining” an expert like Michael live as he worked through cases with his clients. I was so impressed with this format that I signed up for the live Tween Puppy course with Grisha.

Forever grateful

Gabriella Boijsen (Sweden)

"Grisha Stewart’s website is a treasure trove, not only, but in particular for those of us who live with reactive dogs. BAT has made all the difference in my life with Jinkx and I am forever grateful." photo by Cia Lorentzon

Thank you for everything!

Bianca Steinmetz, Canada (Bianca's Dog Care Dog Walking And Training)

"I love your website and the webinars and videos and pretty much all the content! It is so very much appreciated.

🙏🏻 BAT 2.0 keeps helping me with so many of my customers."

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