What's Included?

Here are all the courses that are included in your bundle. Note that this is FREE for shelters around the world! Info below.

Apply for the Scholarship

Free access for non-profit rescues and shelters worldwide.


  • One login per organization. Please verify with your volunteer coordinator that there isn't already an account.
  • Any country! This school is international.
  • Requests for membership only allowed from an official representative of the organization, preferably the volunteer coordinator.
  • Scholarship offer limited to non-profit organizations that rehome animals.
  • Your organization can also request a discount code for 2 free weeks of access to a Student Essentials bundle to share with adopters, volunteers, and staff.
  • Note that this access is for institutional use, not for individuals offering professional dog training to the public (totally fine for professionals who work or volunteer at a shelter to be accessing the material this way). CEUs are not reported for shelter accounts.
  • I have had a rescue directory to feature scholarship recipients in the past and intend to create one again. Stay tuned!
  • Courses included in the bundle are subject to change and may be removed at any time.
  • Thank you for your important work!

To APPLY: email info@grishastewart.com with the following information:

NOTE: We also have an Affiliate Program where people can earn income for referrals or donate their referral income to shelters! Click here to learn more.