Looking at the Whole Dog for Reactivity and Anxiety

Dante’s approach sets dogs for success by addressing the mental, physical, and emotional aspects of their lives. When I taught in Brazil, I was struck by Dante's methodical approach to reactivity. I'm really looking forward to this unique opportunity to share his work with you!

This is a foundations course based on Dante Camacho’s holistic approach to the all-too-common anxiety disorders, including reactivity. Dante will be coaching two clients with their own dogs. In each of the four sessions, he will meet with two separate clients to create a foundation of calm before directly addressing their reactivity issues to triggers in a separate course.

5 Sessions (one as a lecture and 4 with dogs): Sep 28, Oct 5, Oct 19, Nov 2, Nov 16 at 12pm noon Pacific / 4 pm São Paulo Brazil / 8pm GMT.
Plan for 1.5 - 2 hours per session. In English.

  • Teach healthy canine social skills (independence and human referencing).

  • Improve the dog's physical and mental capabilities through balance and focus.

  • Improve the dog’s emotional regulation abilities (calm and excitement).

  • Stimulate cognitive abilities and problem solving.

  • All live sessions will also be recorded for you to watch later.

  • 8 CPDT CEUs pending.

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Watch live consultations with two dogs showing anxiety.

These fundamentals might be the missing link in your behavior modification plan.

  • All Videos!

    This is a live video course. You'll get to see Dante take a history with the clients and dig in on training sessions. there will be a follow-up course to apply further protocols.

    Live session recordings will also be on your Dashboard to watch later.

    8 CEUs pending.

  • Details Make the Difference!

    Dante's approach focuses on building a solid foundation that can be combined with your favorite techniques to address reactivity.

    I really respect how Dante's approach takes the whole dog into account, truly setting dogs up for success.

  • Ask Anything!

    At the end of each session, Dante will spend up to 30 minutes answering questions from dog trainers and people with their own dogs.

    Course students are also eligible to be in the GrishaStewart.com Facebook group to continue the conversation.


Dog Trainer

Dante Camacho

Dante Camacho was one of the first dog trainers to introduce clicker training in Brazil. He spent his first years working privately with owners and their dogs, focusing on “good” general behavior and manners.

In 2000, Dante fell in love with dog sports and started teaching his own dogs in agility and freestyle. He began teaching seminars, being cited in magazines, websites and numerous TV appearances. He ended up representing Brazil in 4 FCI Agility World Championships as well as 1 European Open and 1 America’s & Caribbean. In freestyle (Dog Dancing) he performed initially in Brazil, first in dog shows but soon in TV shows and fairs.

In 2007, he moved to Canada and became a member of the Superdogs Team, where he performed his dog dance routines in shows throughout the country and also in the USA. He eventually also became a member of the production team of the shows, helping scout and train people and dogs to perform under the lights. The incredibly popular shows were seen by over 1 million people every year.

As a Canadian resident, he also represented the country in international agility competitions (European Open en Americas & Caribbean ) and lately also coached the Canadian Agility National Team, sharing his experiences as a competitor and trainer with Canadian handlers.

Dante's work gradually came full circle: being involved in dog sports for so long, it was inevitable to meet dogs that were struggling with behavioral issues, some of them would only affect their performances in the ring but some of them would seriously damage their relationships with their families and even put people at risk. Understanding the emotional link with behavior has always been necessary for his success in dog sports and performance.

Meet the Dogs!

Dante will be coaching these two cases. Turns out bothdogs love agility, which is perfect, because Dante does, too.

Isaac, 9-month old mini Aussie

Lunging, barking at dogs on leash

"Isaac's biggest trigger is other dogs, on leash. Occasionally, he will react to children playing/running, small prey animals, and especially gruff people. These reactions are much less intense, however."

"Isaac stiffens, stares, and eventually lunges and barks when he sees another dog on a walk. If I micromanage (read: use many, many treats), we can walk past a trigger, but his arousal is very high (whining, 'yodeling', etc). Interestingly, his off-leash social skills are great."

"I'm a veterinary student who is very interested in canine body language, low-stress veterinary care, and holistic health, but I still have a lot to learn!"

Scroll down to register or click the Right arrow above to meet the other demo dog.

Sadie, 2 yo mixed breed

Reactivity to dogs and people, on and off leash

"Sadie will lunge and bark at triggers when they get too close. If she is off leash (which I don't allow anymore) she would charge at dogs and people (barking, lunging). Once she got to them, she would run back over to me."

"Sadie is a rescue who was found at 8 weeks old with her sister. She was a normal puppy, a little fearful of strangers, but nothing worrying as she would eventually approach and say hi with a wiggle butt. When she turned 7 months old, I started to see the lungy/barky behavior come out. I work with children and know that punishment is not the answer for a child who is acting out. Instead of using punishment (as most of my other dog owner friends advised) I looked into positive training for reactivity. I understand that Sadie is feeling strong emotions about her triggers and prong collar corrections are not going to make her feel any better. Sadie is going to be 2 this month and has come a long way."

"Before I got Sadie, I would say that I was an average dog owner that knew how to teach basic commands. Sadie's reactivity has forced me to look further into training and I have learned a lot about how to help reactive dogs (ie BAT, classical conditioning, the importance of thresholds, trigger stacking, enrichment, etc). We also got into agility and obedience. "
Watch Intro Video

Meet Dante!

Click to play a recent interview with Dante about reactivity.

I hope you can join Dante for this live course, but it will also be recorded for you to watch if it doesn't fit your schedule.
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