How can I prevent behavior problems before they start?

And how do I fix the ones that are already happening? As a trainer, the key to solving problems is to look for what your dog is trying to achieve. Behavior is an attempt to meet a need, like safety, belonging, and enrichment. This 2.5 hour video gives a wide-range of effective ways to prevent and address problem behavior.

This is an excellent video for all dog caregivers, but especially if you have a new puppy or rescue dog.

  • Jumping up.

  • Running away instead of coming.

  • Chewing on furniture, puppy biting, etc.

  • Peeing in the house.

  • Hard to brush, clip nails, etc.

  • Resource guarding toys, bones, etc. from people.

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Nip problems in the bud, before they start!

The same basic techniques work for all species. Even ours.

  • 2.5 Hour Video

    Part 3 of the Empowered Animals DVD series filmed by Tawzer, now available as streaming dog training video. Get all of the basics to train a dog or puppy, including how to pick the right puppy class, how to teach relaxation, how to address jumping up, and a LOT more.

  • What does your dog need?

    Rather than the old-school approach of setting a dog up to fail and punishing for jumping up, pulling, etc., this approach uses empathy and the science of behavior analysis to come up with a way to change behavior without breaking your dog's will.

  • Bonus material

    You'll also get PDF notes of the Powerpoint from the presentation and a quick quiz for understanding. The quiz also allows us to issue a certificate if you are a professional and need CEUs.

    2.5 CPDT CEUs.

Ready to meet your dog's needs?

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